It's time for Elisha "Atlas" Parris to hit the road again! We got a FULL weekend ahead, too! 

On Friday, we're heading down to Rockledge, Fl. The central florida area musicians are paying tribute to Elisha Parris and the wonderful contributions he's made on the music industry. Now that's TOTALLY cool, isn't it??

Then on Saturday, the band packs up and heads further south to Boca Raton! Where are all of our south Florida fans? Come hang out with us at Club 303 on SE Mizner Blvd! It's Urban Jazz at it's BEST!!

On Sunday, it's back in Jacksonville at The Music Shed! This is an awesome creative space for all musicians of all genres of music at all levels to come together and just jam! Our motto is: Teach a little, Learn a lot! It's really a great experience! Plus...they're throwing a birthday party for Elisha at The Music Shed (Sshh! He doesn't know about it!!) It'd be cool to see all our Jacksonville followers out to help us celebrate the BIG 40!! (Uh, did I say that??)

Anyway...keep in touch!

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